Ejaculation Secrets: Why Some Men Finish Before Penetration?



Have you ever wondered why premature ejaculation before penetration occurs?

And why does this happen to you?


Let’s delve into the details of very early ejaculation today, which happens before actual penetration and intercourse. Let’s understand the topic more deeply and propose solutions and ideas that might actually help you gradually overcome premature ejaculation.


Let’s talk about the causes, from the onset of arousal to ejaculation

You know you ejaculate quickly, and this may affect you personally and certainly occupies your thoughts.
But why does this happen? Here are some reasons:

  • Excessive sensitivity: Sometimes, the penis may be too sensitive, leading to a quick response as soon as it’s touched.
  • Excessive arousal or anxiety: The mind plays a significant role behind the scenes. Feeling anxious before penetration can lead to ejaculation, and excessive arousal can significantly speed up ejaculation, especially if these are your first sexual experiences.
  • Past sexual experiences: Sometimes, our past sexual experiences lead our bodies to respond in a certain way, resulting in premature ejaculation. For example, there may be past negative experiences that increase a man’s feelings of anxiety and tension, and these feelings can lead to rapid ejaculation before penetration.


Beware of some circulated and incorrect information about premature ejaculation

Let’s debunk some misconceptions about premature ejaculation in general. This information will guide you towards treatment and making decisions on the right path:

  1. Premature ejaculation is just anxiety: While anxiety can be a factor in speeding up ejaculation, it may not be the only one. There might be a combination of psychological and physical factors that affect ejaculation control. Each case has its unique factors. Try to understand yourself and identify the factors that you think exacerbate your premature ejaculation problem.
  2. Premature ejaculation will disappear over time: This is not entirely true. Some people may need intervention and help to overcome this problem. So, if you ejaculate before penetration frequently, it means you have a severe case of premature ejaculation, and it’s best to seek help from a professional in the field.
  3. Premature ejaculation is not a real medical problem: In reality, this is not true. Premature ejaculation is a medical condition that you should treat to reduce its impact on a psychological, personal, and general life level. Many men face this problem and are looking for real solutions.


Practical Solutions: Therapeutic Programs to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

How can you deal with and possibly overcome premature ejaculation before penetration? Pay close attention.

Products that might help you control ejaculation before penetration

There are many products on the market that might give you physical and moral support in overcoming premature ejaculation.
Generally, try not to rely entirely on these products. Understand the root of the problem and the main cause of your premature ejaculation and use a combination of therapeutic methods, such as using products with behavioral methods or mental techniques, to find a permanent solution to premature ejaculation.

  • Sprays and creams: These products can help reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation. They are typically used for those with high sensitivity in the penis head or a very high level of arousal before penetration.
  • Use a thick condom: Some types of condoms can reduce the sensation in the penis, reducing friction during intercourse and improving ejaculation control.
  • Use certain dietary supplements: Popular products like Pro Solution Plus might support you in increasing ejaculation control and improving erection.


Behavioral Techniques

There are many techniques you can use, but let’s focus on behavioral techniques that might help you in the case of ejaculation before intercourse or penetration! These can help you improve control and delay very early ejaculation.

Mindfulness and Breathing Technique:

Mindfulness is a type of meditation technique used in yoga. The idea is to focus on the moment itself, without thinking about what’s next or not thinking about ejaculation and how you might delay it. In other words, you shouldn’t think about finishing! Instead, live in the moment and enjoy it. This will help reduce performance anxiety, thereby improving control.

Deep breathing has many benefits. It releases momentary tension, provides a mental break, calms the nervous system, and distracts the mind.

Whenever you feel you’re getting close to ejaculation, take a break and breathe deeply.

Calm down a bit and clear your mind.

Then resume the connection…

And don’t forget to implement the mindfulness technique.

You need to practice these techniques. They might not benefit you from the first attempt, but you will master them over time and commitment. Don’t neglect them just because you tried them once or twice without feeling the benefit… continue, follow, and always implement them until you master them.


Use the Power of the Mind to Improve Control

Always remember that the center of premature ejaculation is in the brain, where the mind plays a complex role behind the scenes to affect ejaculation. Most of the therapeutic techniques we use are just attempts to “trick” the mind in one way or another to overcome the problem. You can use the power of the mind to improve control and delay ejaculation before penetration using techniques like:

  • Visualization: Imagine a scenario where you have complete control over ejaculation. Imagine that you are strong and in control, and that you are the only one who controls ejaculation. In fact, you should ignore it and not think about it in the first place because you are the leader and in control! And enjoy the moment as we did with the previous mindfulness technique.
  • Reassure yourself: Convince yourself that you can overcome premature ejaculation. Control your subconscious mind and make it act on this basis.


Your Partner’s Role in Overcoming the Problem

Your partner plays a significant role in overcoming premature ejaculation before penetration. Communicating and explaining the situation to your partner is essential, and they might help you with it.

Here’s how you can do it with your partner’s assistance:


Techniques the Partner Can Use

  • Distraction Technique: Sometimes, a little distraction can be beneficial. Try to explain to your partner that you need moments of distraction that serve as a short mental break. During this brief interval, you can stop, exchange some words, and calm the arousal a bit.
  • Slow Down During Foreplay: Increasing arousal to high levels before penetration contributes to speeding up ejaculation. Try to share the moment with your partner slowly and without impulsiveness. Your partner can help you with this!


Seeking Professional Help

If you’ve tried multiple strategies and still face difficulties with premature ejaculation before penetration, it might be time to consult a professional. And that’s okay. A specialist can help you overcome the problem by understanding the root cause more deeply and suggesting specific therapeutic strategies for your case.



Premature ejaculation before penetration is a type of severe premature ejaculation. It can certainly be treated, but you need to read a lot about the problem and understand it well before using a set of techniques and therapeutic strategies beneficial for your case.

Always remember that different therapeutic methods might not suit all cases. If a particular person benefits from a specific treatment method, it doesn’t mean that the same method will help you too.

Therefore, here on Delay Control, we don’t directly propose treatments or therapeutic methods. Instead, we try to help you understand your situation so you can address it in the best way possible.


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