you FAIL at Delaying? the Power of Premature Ejaculation exercises

premature ejaculation exercises

Hi There,

I am Doctor X from the Delay Control website.

Today, we will discuss specific exercises that will help you in controlling premature ejaculation and improving your rapid ejaculation condition.

I understand that dealing with premature ejaculation can be frustrating at times.

However, we at Delay Control work diligently to produce specialized content to treat and improve cases of rapid ejaculation.

Today, let’s talk about these exercises!


Understanding Premature Ejaculation and the Benefits of Ejaculation Delay Exercises

Let’s be frank – dealing with premature ejaculation can make even the most confident men feel like they’re losing control during intimate moments.

This coincides with a lack of sexual satisfaction, frustration, and a mix of negative emotions that accompany the problem of rapid ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy – it’s simply a challenge many men face.

It’s important to address the psychological and emotional aspects of this problem,

And this is where exercises come in to play a pivotal role in achieving the transformation.


The Ability of Exercises to Help You Delay Ejaculation

Now, let’s address the exciting mechanism of how exercises can change your body’s responses and transform your sexual experiences genuinely.

We consider these exercises as a place to train your mind and muscles, allowing both the mind and muscles to work in harmony to give you the control you’ve been craving.

This might sound complicated.. but keep reading, it’s easier than it seems


The power of rapid ejaculation exercises lies in their ability to regulate your nervous system, while focusing at the same time on the muscles of the lower part of your pelvis – those responsible for controlling ejaculation.

By practicing exercises targeting these muscles, you grant yourself the ability to increase control.


Do not neglect the exercises we are going to talk about, and do not underestimate their value .. they are genuinely effective, and your condition will gradually and safely improve.


Understanding the Power of Kegel Exercises for Treating Rapid Ejaculation

Let’s delve deeper into the Kegel exercises,

These exercises are the beginning of your journey towards increasing control over ejaculation.

These exercises might seem simple, or you might underestimate their value when you learn how to perform them,

But their real impact is significant!


Function of the Muscles in the Lower Part of the Pelvis

  1. Responsible for controlling ejaculation
  2. Control of urination
  3. Control of bowel movements


So, how do you practice Kegel exercises? And what are the forms of this exercise?

It’s easier than you might think.


Explanation of the Exercise for Tensing the Muscles at the Bottom of the Pelvis

Pay close attention.

While urinating…What’s the movement you make to stop the flow of urine?

Think about it.

The movement where you tense the lower muscle near the anus to stop urinating is the Kegel exercise movement!

And we will use this movement later… so remember it well.


3 Different Forms of Kegel Exercises, Make Sure to Perform Them

There are 3 forms of Kegel exercises, each targeting a specific part of the muscle we aim to exercise.


1- The Backward Compression Method (To exercise muscles around the anus)

Lie down on the ground.

Place your hands flat horizontally on the ground.

And your knees bent upwards.

Perform the tensing of the lower pelvic muscles as previously explained for 5 seconds.

Exercise repetition: Repeat the process for three rounds, each round consists of 8-10 repetitions of muscle tensing.


2- The Side Compression Method

Lie on the ground on your side.

Place and secure a pillow between your legs to help keep them apart.

Press your legs together to exert outward and sideways pressure on the same muscle.

You should feel the tension and keep trying until you target the desired muscle.

Exercise repetition: Repeat the process for three rounds, each round consists of 8-10 repetitions of muscle tensing.


3- Compression Method While Sitting on a Chair

Sit upright on a chair.

Perform the lower muscle tensing exercise as previously explained.

Maintain the tension for a continuous five seconds.

Exercise repetition: Repeat the process for three rounds, each round consists of 8-10 repetitions of muscle tensing.


It’s important to regularly perform these exercises, so over time you’ll see great results and higher levels of control over ejaculation.

If you feel any pain while performing these exercises, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor immediately.


Benefits of Kegel Exercises:

  • Enhanced ejaculation control: By strengthening the muscles of the lower part of your pelvis, you will have greater control over ejaculation timing, and the condition will noticeably improve.
  • Increased pleasure during intercourse: If the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis are toned, it can enhance pleasure during intercourse, increasing the strength of insertion and orgasmic contractions.
  • Better bladder control: Kegel exercises also contribute to optimal bladder control, reducing the chances of unwanted urine leakage.


But let’s not stop there

Let’s delve into more techniques that can enhance your experience in controlling ejaculation.


Advanced Techniques for Additional Ejaculation Control During Intercourse

Kegel exercises are excellent and their results are very good.

But they are not the only exercises capable of improving ejaculation control.

Let’s explore some advanced techniques you can also use during intercourse.


The Start-Stop Technique:

When you feel the approach of ejaculation, stop momentarily.

Take a deep breath.

Try not to think about ejaculating. Be in the moment… Engage with your partner a bit until you regain control.

Then continue, very slowly.

This technique resembles hitting a pause and reset button; it allows you to extend the duration of intercourse, enhancing pleasure and making the experience more satisfying for both you and your partner.


The Squeeze Technique:

Now, let’s discuss the squeeze technique.

This involves a different kind of control.

When you feel close to ejaculation, you should stop and gently press at the base of the head of your penis.

In other words, squeeze firmly below the head of the penis.

This simple act can reduce arousal when performed.

However, it’s a method that grants you the power to maintain control and delay ejaculation.

These techniques might require a bit of practice, but remember – they will surely assist you in gaining better control over ejaculation.


Physical Fitness, Exercise, and Ejaculation Control

Let’s shift our focus to another aspect that can greatly influence your control over ejaculation.

It’s physical fitness!

Your overall fitness plays a significant role in your sexual performance.

Therefore, engaging in regular aerobic exercises, like running or swimming, improves cardiovascular health.

And when the heart is healthy, it means there are better and more blood flows to the penis.

This is crucial for maintaining an erection and prolonging the time before ejaculation.

On the other hand, strength training can boost your muscle strength and muscular control. The muscular mass in the human body is interconnected, and muscle tissues support each other when needed.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Play an Essential Role in Ejaculation

Your choice of diet and a particular lifestyle can indirectly contribute to improving the problem of premature ejaculation.

Foods rich in zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids can support healthy testosterone levels. As we mentioned previously, testosterone plays a supportive and influential role in the rate of ejaculation.


Drinking enough water also has many positive effects. Keeping a man’s body hydrated not only supports general health but also ensures your body operates optimally. This includes its performance during intimate moments.


The Connection Between Mind and Body and Overcoming Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can interfere with your ability to maintain control during intimate moments.

For this reason, practices like mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques are powerful tools that you should read more about and use.

These practices help you improve control over anxiety, allowing you to stay present and not mentally and emotionally distracted during intercourse.


Create a Personal Therapeutic Approach and Customize Your Treatment Program

There are many factors and variables that may cause premature ejaculation.

The reasons that make you ejaculate faster may not be the same as those affecting another person.

Therefore, you need to understand that for a treatment path to be highly effective, it must be tailored to you… and your specific case.

Read a lot about premature ejaculation, try to list the reasons that might be factors in your case.

Then try to practice exercises and techniques that help improve the condition.

Follow other behavioral and psychological therapeutic recommendations.

Think about your case and try to make any modifications that you see fit for you and your situation.

Taking a personal therapeutic approach produces exceptional results!


After the Exercises: Seek Guidance and Direction from a Specialist

In reality, with consistency, ejaculation delay exercises can yield excellent results in delaying ejaculation.

But let’s be realistic, these exercises won’t be a final solution for all cases.

Therefore, seeking guidance and direction from a specialist or doctor is a wise step.

Professionals and doctors can help you identify any causes that might not be apparent to you and directly affect premature ejaculation.

Based on this, the doctor can offer a treatment plan suitable for your case.




Premature ejaculation exercises are not just physical activities – they are a therapeutic path to gain control over your body and sexual experiences.

They are exercises that will enhance the quality of intercourse and emotional harmony with your partner.

By committing to these ejaculation delay exercises, you are taking a decisive step towards achieving genuine success in improving your ability to delay ejaculation.



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